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Press-releases and news

Direct service from Chinese ports to Port Bronka
On 21st of December 2021 Executive Director of Fenix LLC (operator of Port Bronka, St. Petersburg) Alexey Shukletsov and Chairman of the Board of  Neptumar LLC (agent of Chipolbrok in Russia) Andrey Goridko have signed an Agreement of close cooperation for direct shipments from China to St.Petersburg, Russia.
Port Bronka welcomes green and ultra-green vessels by special bonus trend
As from 1st of January 2022, Port Bronka provides 10% discount for mooring and quay operations for vessels having energy efficient propulsion.
Port Bronka acquires new system for storing steel coils
Port Bronka has acquired the Rollstop system for storing of steel coils. The system consists of rails, connectors, spacers and RollStops which may be easily assembled and disassembled. The system allows storing of coils up to 2500 mm in diameter and up to three tiers high. This new coil storage system enhances safety level of operations for both the staff and the cargo without any risks of damages.
KOTTA container demonstration at Port Bronka
On 28 May 2021 new model of KOTTA container with increased payload capacity was demonstrated at Port Bronka. The new model with upgraded construction elements will allow transportation of cargo up to 37 tons inside 20-foot container.
New lifting beam with a load capacity of 500 tons
The new lifting beam with load capacity of 500 tons was delivered to Port Bronka according to development plan of ro-ro and breakbulk terminal. The lifting beam is made by CERTEX especially for Fenix LLC having 17.6 meters in length and equipped with twenty nozzles for fixing and lifting the load using slings.
Handling of 67-meter blades of wind turbine
Port Bronka handled three 67-meter blades for the wind turbine delivered from Finland by sea. Such long blades were handled first time in the ports of Russia Nord-West. The customer is TIS Group LLC.
New forklifts at port Bronka
Port Bronka set into operation two new TCM forklifts with capacity of 2,0 tons. The growing demand for warehouse handling services encourages the port to purchase more equipment. There are 32 forklifts in operations with capacity from 1.8 to 42 tons and Variable Reach Truck Meclift with capacity of 18 tons, capable of operating inside a container. Special grippers are used as hinged equipment for handing of such cargoes like: rolls, boxes, bins, tanks, bags and others.