> Port Bronka is operating 24/7

Port Bronka is operating 24/7

To support international trade and transport and also in accordance to the President of Russian Federation decree of 25th March 2020 «On the announcement of additional holidays days in the Russian Federation since 30th March till 03th April 2020» port Bronka operates at regular working hours 24/7. All operating staff and services are available as usual.

Port Bronka gates and harbor piers remain open and we are here to welcome you with our usual fast and high quality port operations. We practice the most robust measures of disease and we adhere to all directives imposed by the governing bodies of the Russian Federation.

It is at times like this that we are reminded what a small world we live in. With the coronavirus seemingly knowing no bounds, our heart and best wishes are with all those who have been affected by the disease. It is an issue that is bigger than one industry or any one nation and its impact is being felt across the globe, but it is in these moments that we feel the power of global unity and togetherness, which will help us overcome the challenges before us.

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