> Innovative technology of transshipment using containers KOTTA was demonstrated in the port Bronka

Innovative technology of transshipment using containers KOTTA was demonstrated in the port Bronka

On April 19, 2019, a demonstration of the handling of bulk/bulk cargo using the KOTTA spreader and KOTTA containers with lower unloading was held at MSCC Bronka.
 The demonstration included the intraport movement of containers from the drain to the sea cargo front, the lifting with the port mobile crane, the opening and closing of the lower hatches. Representatives of fertilizer exporters - PhosAgro, UralKaliy, EuroChem and pig iron exporter - NLMK, who are interested in the new technology for handling bulk cargo, took part in the event from cargo owners.
 Innovative development of the company  КOTTA container consists of two basic elements: a specialized container with a lid for the top loading of bulk/bulk cargo and automatically opening hatches for the bottom unloading, as well as a special spreader, which activates the system of opening the bottom hatches. Together they represent a ready-to-use technology for the transportation, accumulation and transshipment of bulk and bulk cargoes. Specialized containers for bulk cargoes, such as mineral fertilizers, potassium, grain (with a high specific loading capacity) are already certified by the FAA Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and can be used throughout the Russian Railways network. In May of this year, a test railway transportation of potassium in containers KOTTA will be organized. The end of certification of a specialized container for pig iron is scheduled for the end of the second quarter of 2019.
KOTTA Container develops, certifies and patents specialized containers and spreaders. Sample production is carried out in cooperation with SevZapKanat, Promex, Baltic Container, OZTM, VM Hydro. Currently, negotiations are underway with a number of machine-building enterprises on the launch of the mass production of innovative equipment.
 The new technology of KOTTA Container in combination with the modern infrastructure and equipment of the MSCC Bronka opens up the possibility in a short time to partially eliminate the shortage of capacity of specialized ports for handling bulk and bulk cargo.
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