> RO-RO terminal

RO-RO terminal

  • Berth No. 2 with a length of 210 m and a depth of 12.5 m is used to receive vessels with rolling cargoes at Port Bronka

  • Adjacent to the berth is an open door equipped with a slip for the aft ramp of Ro-Ro and Con-Ro type vessels

  • Operations for moving non-self-propelled cargo units, such as roll trailers and semi-trailers, are carried out using 8 Terberg port tractors with a pulling force of up to 450 tons

  • Self-propelled wheeled and tracked vehicles, cars and trucks are moved under the direct control of experienced specialists of LLC "Phoenix"

  • The current capacity of MMPC "Bronka" is up to 130 thousand units of rolling cargo per year

The main technical characteristics of the RO-RO and break bulk cargo terminal of MSCC Bronka:

At present After completion
Depth at berth 12.5 m 12.5 m
Number and length of terminals’ berths 1 berth, 210 m 3 berths, 710 m
Number of ramps 1 3
Total output per year 130 000 units 260 000 units
Area 26.6 Ha 41.3 Ha