> Handling of 67-meter blades of wind turbine

Handling of 67-meter blades of wind turbine

Port Bronka handled three 67-meter blades for the wind turbine delivered from Finland by sea. Such long blades were handled first time in the ports of Russia Nord-West. The customer is TIS Group LLC.

Firstly, each blade was unloaded to the berth by tandem of Liebherr LHM800 cranes and secondly loaded to specialized vehicles for further transportation to the Republic of Belarus. The equipment was manufactured for the Asmolovichi Wind Power Plant project. After installation and commissioning the wind turbine will become one of the highest and most powerful not only in the Republic of Belarus, but among CIS countries as well.

This is not the first joint project of Fenix LLC and TIS Group LLC for handling of heavy lift and oversized cargoes. The companies have been cooperating fruitfully since December 2015.

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