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About the company

Fenix LLC was established in 2007 specially for the project of creating a Multipurpose Sea Cargo Complex (MSCC) Bronka, which began operating in late 2015.

The key principles of the Fenix company:

  • Transparency.
  • Highest standards of work environment safety.
  • Emphasis on employees’ development and provision of social guarantees.
  • Maintaining of highest standards of industrial safety and environmental protection.
  • Participation in social and economic development of the region.
The company pursues a socially-oriented policy in the field of regulation of labor and employment, environmental protection and also carries out extensive charitable and sponsorship activities.
Starting from the design stage of MSCC Bronka Fenix LLC has conducted a complex of research works with the aim of a comprehensive study of the possible impact of the new facility on the environment. During the construction, a number of measures were taken, which resulted in compensation for possible damage to water and biological resources and to plants as well.

The project was approved and received State ecological expertise certificate №67 dated 18.12.2012.

With the commissioning of the first stage of the port construction, the environmental service of MSCC “Bronka” continues environmental monitoring. On the territory of the port there is a complex of treatment facilities. Water from the storm drains of the industrial site does not drain into the Gulf of Finland, but passes through a multi-level filtration system.
The operator and owner of the port Bronka – the Fenix LLC – prioritizes its attention to the safety of workers, reduction of accidents and elimination of injuries.

The management of the transshipment complex carries out systematic work to improve working conditions at the workplace. The main tool is the procedure regulated by the Russian legislation – a special assessment of working conditions (SOUT).

An integral component of a successful company development strategy is the corporate culture. Fenix LLC builds its relations with employees, clients and partners, relying on the following basic principles of corporate culture:
  • Respect for the human person, his rights and dignity.
  • Providing customers with the highest quality of services.
  • Openness and accessibility.
  • Fulfillment of obligations to shareholders.
The HR Department initiates programs and corporate events for the formation, maintenance and development of business ethics and internal communications.