deep-water seaport
in Saint-Petersburg
St. Petersburg,
Russian Federation

Port Bronka
-4 °C
wind 7.9 m/s
Humidity 91%

Контейнерный терминал

Overall output capacity of the port
25 mln. tonnes per year
Глубина подходного канала и акватории
Depth of approach channel and water area
14.4 m.
Ро-ро терминал состоит из 3 причалов
6 berths with the total length of 
1430 m.

Container cargo (per year)
1.9 mln. TEUs

RO-RO cargo (per year)
200,000 units
  Maximum dimensions of berthing vessels:

Length 347 m.
Width 50 m.
Draft 13 m.
Detailed information about the port

The only deep-water sea terminal
within the Big Port of Saint-Petersburg

      Main Services

  • Cargo transshipment to/from sea or river transport
  • Cargo transshipment to/from railway and trucks
  • Accumulation and storage of cargoes on the outdoor storage areas or within indoor warehouses
  • Storage of reefer containers including maintaining and controlling required temperature setting
  • Transshipment and storage of hazardous cargoes
  • Mooring
  • Berthing

      Additional Services

  • Custom warehouse
  • Miscellaneous cargo alterations (bringing to a transportable state, sub-grouping etc.)
  • Railway wagons shunting operations
  • Cargo weighing
  • Filling out of railway consignments
  • Paperwork completion for the certificate confirming the gross weight of the container (VGM)
  • Issue of permits to entry for the regime territory of MSCC Bronka