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About the port

Multipurpose Sea Cargo Complex (MSCC) Bronka is the only deep-water sea terminal in the Big port of St. Petersburg – the depth of the approach channel and the water area is 14.4 m. Port Bronka has an advantageous location, the length of the approach sea channel is only 13 nautical miles (from the receiving buoy), close to the railway station Bronka, which is connected to the port by 1.2 km railway, and at the junction with the Circular motorway (KAD). The transshipment complex is located in the South-West of St. Petersburg, outside the city limits.

The advantages of MSCC Bronka

  • The most modern port in the Russia’s North-Western region for container, project, break bulk and ro-ro cargo.
  • Transshipment by sea, river, motorway and railway.
  • Approach channel with a width of 180 m and a depth of 14.4 m.
  • Handling of all types of dangerous cargo.
  • Fast handling of vessels, road and rail transport (e.g. overall truck handling time – 1 hour).
  • Guaranteed safety of the cargo.
  • Infrastructure allowing handling of project and heavy cargo. Gateway for trucks - width 8.2 m, height 6.5 m and the railway tracks radius of curvature - more than 300 m.
  • Tugboats readily available 24/7

Port’s infrastructure

  • Customs post Bronka
  • Office of the Federal service for veterinary and phytosanitary control
  • Office of the Federal service for Border control
  • Business center, service center, self-service cafe and a restaurant.
Глубина подходного канала и акватории
Depth at berth
–14.4 m.
Maximum dimensions of berthing vessels
Length – 347 m.
Width – 50 m.
Draft – 13 m.
Port’s area
120 Ha.
Площадь контейнерного терминала
Total length
of 6 berths
1430 m.
Площадь контейнерного терминала
Gateway for trucks
9 lanes
Total length
of 3 railway
1622 m.
Площадь контейнерного терминала

Reefers storage area capacity
4000 units

Class «A» warehouse
8600 m2
Class «B» warehouse
3600 m2
Outdoor custom control storage area
8272 m2
Parking for trucks capacity

The current capacity of MSCC Bronka is 500 000 TEU and 130 000 units of ro-ro cargo per year. The further development plan includes an increase in the container cargo capacity to 1.9 million TEU per year and ro-ro cargo – up to 200 000 units per year. After the completion of the projects for the development of railway and warehouse infrastructure total capacity of cargo transshipment will be 25 mln. tonnes by 2025.