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Auto terminal

  • The auto terminal of the multifunctional sea transshipment complex "Bronka" accepts cars on ro-ro ships and in containers.

  • There are operating and storage areas for 5,000 cars.

  • The Auto Terminal does more than just load and discharge vehicles: it also offers unpacking and moving to a car depot. The list of services provided includes refueling, starting the battery, towing.

  • Additionally, customers are given a unique opportunity to place cars in a customs warehouse on the territory of the Bronka MMPK, which allows for long-term storage without paying customs duties and re-registering the vehicle to another owner.

Depth at berth 12.5 m
Number and length of terminals’ berths    1 berth, 210 m
Number of ramps 1
Total output per year 130 000 units
Total area 26.6 Ha
 Storage area 5 200 units