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Logistics center

Logistics center of MSCC Bronka provides services of storage, loading and unloading of cargo. Plans for the development of the port Bronka until 2025 include an increase in the area of the logistics center and the commissioning of new warehouses for open and indoor storage of goods.

The existing infrastructure of the logistics center:

Customs warehouse

The outdoor customs warehouse with a total area of 8272 m². Customers can place goods in the customs warehouse for the purpose of:

  • storage, including long-term (up to 3 years), without customs and tax payments;
  • change of ownership;
  • carrying out various operations, including labeling, sorting and repacking etc.;
  • customs clearance and release into free circulation as a whole or in parts;
  • import and declaration under the customs warehouse procedure by non-residents of the Russian Federation;
  • import and export after the completion of the customs warehouse procedure.

Customs warehouse receives the goods:

  • arriving by sea, road and rail transport;
  • arriving directly at the MSCC Bronka as well as other terminals of the Big Port St. Petersburg.

Get acquainted with the procedure of transactions and document flow at the customs warehouse of LLC Fenix.

On all matters regarding customs warehouse please contact our sales and marketing department:
+7 (812) 661-13-44

A and B class warehouses

Services provided in the warehouses of A class (8600 m2) and B class (7650 m2):

  • cargo accumulation and storage,
  • cross-docking,
  • customs inspections with full or partial cargo striping from containers and trailers,
  • cargo weighing.